Ultimate Fashion Guide | Clothing, Handbags & Make-Up

Ultimate Fashion Guide | Clothing, Handbags & Make-Up

Aside from the items you purchase and the way you mix and match your clothing, something more essential that you should focus on is grooming. Grooming yourself and making sure you’re all cleaned up goes a long way and is the foundation of looking well put together, in my opinion. Let’s start off with some main focus points:

ONE | Chipped Nail Polish

This is something I always tend to push and is a tip I learned when I was very young: no chipped nail polish! Try to keep your nails always painted. The length isn’t as important, just keep them polished. Trust me, try it and you’ll see the difference. It’ll keep your look clean and shows you take care of yourself. Now it doesn’t mean you have to go to the nail salon every Tuesday and get them done, but try to keep them polished and filed!

TWO | No heavy makeup

Keeping your makeup at a certain level is important because there is no need for heavy makeup on your face all the time! For one, that’s so much on your skin and two, there is a time and place for everything. Try keeping your makeup to a certain amount. I personally feel like less goes a long way. My day-to-day make up routine consists of filling my brows, concealer, bronzer, mascara and a nude lip. It’s simple and clean, and sometimes I throw in some wing eyeliner if I’m feeling snazzy haha.

THREE | Messy hair

Now if messy hair looks good on you, then by all means do you boo. But what I mean by messy hair is, don’t roll out of bed and leave your hair unbrushed and a mess! Even if I’m running out of the house and have no make up on, the two main factors I focus on is having neat hair and polished nails. You can have your hair straight, curly or even moussed, but having done hair makes you feel good and keeps you looking fresh.

FOUR | Lipstick/Gloss

Keeping your favourite shade of lipstick or gloss in your bag is a good idea because it’ll be perfect for those times when you need a little gloss to complete a look or do you up when you’re heading out of the house quickly. My go-to lipstick colour is a pinkish nude. I tend to mix Kinda Sexy and Yash from MAC but you can bet your life I have them on hand all the time.

Now onto wardrobe essentials:

ONE | Handbag (2 Simple Rules)

1 | Invest in a CLASSIC Handbag style

Styles evolve and what can be a trend right now will change while something else comes in style. This will be a piece you are saving up for or an investment and you want to make sure you get the full use out of it. We’ve all looked back at a certain item we’ve purchased and have questioned our choice, and that’s not what we want with our first luxurious handbag purchase.

Steer clear from studs, seasonal colours and prints. Trust me, these styles will come back and haunt you, haha. You want to make your purchase worth it, and to be something you won’t regret having wasted $3000 dollars (or however much you spent).

2 | NO IMPULSE buys

Sometimes my emotions tend to interfere with my purchases, which is no good. I have a tendency of doing two things: 1) Purchasing things I don’t need but I purchase them to feel some sort of comfort and happiness (which sounds horrible.) 2) Purchase items I have a similar style to, which is as bad as buying something just to buy. No impulse buys, guys!

I hope that by saying that out loud, it will help me with my impulse buys. But it’s easier said than done, so this blog post is for the both of us haha. I feel like I’m getting better at it, but from time to time I tend to slip. Impulse buys can happen for multiple reasons:

FIRST | Impulse buyer purchases items to look good in the eyes of others.
SECOND | Impulse buyer might not be able to control their emotions which makes it harder to resist purchasing a certain item or two.
THIRD | Impulse buyer purchases items because they just want to have it (to feel a sense of control).
FORTH Impulse buyer purchases items to lift their mood up.

Now onto the important part CLOTHING:

ONE | Neutral tones

Neutral tones give off a less-is-more vibe, which is perfect for elevating your look and giving off that luxurious vibe.

TWO | Heels

I’m not too sure if you’re a high heels kind of gal, but if you’re not, give them a try! You don’t have to start off high; you can start off with a thicker heeled bootie or even a lower kitten heel and make your way up. Heels elevate any look regardless what the look is. Even if you pair heels with a classic jean for an evening outfit, it will really elevate the look!

THREE | Higher Priced Brands

Purchasing a couple higher priced items and mixing and matching them with your standard clothing is a great option! It allows them to flow naturally together (depending on the fabric). If you can’t afford higher priced apparel, have no fear. You don’t need to purchase higher priced items to feel luxurious. There are tons of stores that recreate luxurious brands for affordable prices and the look is identical to the real! In this day and age, you can get anything similar to higher priced brands.

Ex. ALDO vs Chanel

FOUR | Trends

Now as much as we all want to be a part of the fashion movement and be on the latest trends and have the “it” pieces, we need to be reasonable. This can be difficult, I know believe me, but we need to always look at the long run. Don’t go and invest so much into trendy pieces, because overall you want a timeless piece. Purchasing the occasional trendy piece is the way to go.

Ex. of trends I purchased and only wore once |

THREE | Subscribe

Subscribing to fashion websites is the best thing you could do. However, there is a downfall to that, which is constant sales and temptation to buy, but it’s better than missing out on sales and wondering why you never knew about them! Subscribing truly goes a long way. I set mine up to an older email address and let them pile up there and check it weekly.






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